Power BI First Taste

Power BI is the latest Microsoft BI tool. It was originated from Excel plug-ins, e.g. Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View, and rolled out last year (2015.7). Therefore, it is very similar to working on Excel. It is visualized self-service business intelligence tool for everyone. 
Power BI provides 4 components.
  1. Power BI services     – you can create a real time online
    dashboard that can be accessed by anyone from everywhere in the world or by
    anyone in your organization.
  2. Power BI desktop      – run power BI on your desktop
  3. Power BI Mobile        – run power BI app on your mobile device
  4. Power BI Embedded – allow you to embed the interactive
    visuals into your app using REST APIs and Power BI SDK.
Power BI accept lots of data sources, such as database, files, web page, cloud service…
Power BI allows you to quickly create interactive,
responsive, pretty dashboard easily. Here is the sample dashboard.
Power BI provides lots of visualization styles that you can choose.
Power BI is a powerful and the simplest BI tool in current market. Everyone, especially Excel users can use it easily and build powerful, attractive dashboard. Can’t wait to try …

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Author: Albert

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