Add customized CSS for a wordpress site

Add customized CSS for a wordpress site

There are different methods to customize a theme and plugin. Which is the better way?

1. change style.css file directly to the theme. The file location is right under the theme root folder. The problem of doing this is when the theme update the customized code would be overridden.

2. create a child theme and add css code in style.css file. This way avoids to be overridden when the theme update, but too many customization code in one file is hard to be managed.

3. using plugin called “Simple Custom CSS and JS” to customize the style. This way is easy to maintain to code, we could add different css and js files for each theme and plugin or different aspects, not only for the style, but the effects. We could write the code once and apply to many websites. It is easy to backup the whole folder and copy it to another website. The location of the files is under “/wp-content/uploads/custom-css-js/” folder.

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