WP UI Design - Language Selection on Menu Bar

WP UI Design – Language Selection on Menu Bar

WP UI Design – Language Selection on Menu Bar

Recently, I was requested to help for changing the language selection display style on the menu. Currently the website shows English on the menu by default, and the second language, which is Chinese, is hidden on the drop-down menu.

Due to the website only support two languages, English and Chinese. Therefore, the owner want to display the second language right on the menu instead of hiding on the drop-down, so that user can switch the language easily. This is reasonable requirement for bilingual website.

Website Language Selection UI Design

It is common approach to place language selection on the menu bar for those websites support more than one language.

    1. Bilingual language support

For English as the first language website, we could place the second language button on the menu bar, as shown on Image 1.  When user click on the second language the page will display in the second language, and show first language button on the menu bar.

Image 1

    2. Multi-language support

In the case of supporting multi-lingual, the first approach is not appropriate due to there are more than one language could be selected. In this case, we have to put all other languages on the dropdown list, so that user can pick one of the other languages as preferred, as shown on image 2.

Image 2

However, I discovered that the website is using WPGlobus plug-in for WordPress. WPGlobus is a great plug-in for supporting multi-language on WordPress site. By design, the language bar always shows in mulit-language style. There is no way to change it into bilingual style, unless WPGlobus supports bilingual style.


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