Auto Capture – Dynamics 365 (自动捕获)

Auto Capture – Dynamics 365 (自动捕获)


  1. Auto Capture is a sub-feature of Relationship Insights. Relationship Insights is a preview feature in December 2016 update for MS Dynamics 365 Online.
  2. Integrates with Microsoft Exchange to find and display relevant emails with other activities that are related to a given record in Dynamics 365.
  3. Auto Capture shows you message in private i.e. only to the logged in user. System Administrators too don’t see these emails.
  4. Server Side Synchronization must be enabled to use this feature.

Enable the Preview

  1. Since this is in preview, you’ll need to enable it for the organization in the following manner:
    1. Navigate to Settings > Administration > System Settings.
    2. Go to the last tab, Previews. Agree to the terms on the top and scroll down to the very bottom.
    3. Select Yes for the Enable Auto Capture feature as shown below:

  • Then, navigate to Settings > Relationship Insights.
  • You can choose the same and agree to the terms as shown:

  • Upon agreement, you’ll see the three tabs as shown below:

    1. Make sure the Turn on Auto Capture for your organization is already checked. If not, check it and Save the same.
  • Auto Capture has now been enabled for your organization.

Auto Capture

  1. Auto Capture messages are queried to your Microsoft Exchange account every time you open the Activities section of a record.
  2. Once this has been enabled, you can navigate to different records like Accounts, Contacts etc. and see under Activities that certain emails which are relevant to the record you are viewing have been polled and are marked with dotted border:

  • This email is only visible and is not yet tracked into Dynamics 365. It will be tracked only once you chose to do so.
  • You can track this email in Dynamics 365 by hovering over the email in Activities and you’ll see a TRACK link on the same as shown below:

  • Once you click on track, the Email will be queued to pull in Dynamics 365.

  • Once the email is successfully tracked, it will appear like a usual Activity item shown on the form under Activities:

  • This email can then also be seen in the Activities in Dynamics 365.

What Messages are captured?

Below are the criteria for polling messages from your Exchange Account.

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自动捕获 – Dynamics 365


  1. 自动捕获是Relationship Insights的子功能。Relationship Insights是2016年12月MS Dynamics 365 Online更新的预览功能。
  2. 与Microsoft Exchange集成,以查找和显示与Dynamics 365中与给定记录相关的其他活动的相关电子邮件。
  3. 自动捕获向您显示私下消息,即仅向登录用户显示消息。系统管理员也看不到这些电子邮件。
  4. 必须启用服务器端同步才能使用此功能。


  1. 由于这是预览,您需要以下列方式为组织启用它:
    1. 导航到“设置”>“管理”>“系统设置”。
    2. 转到最后一个选项卡,预览。同意顶部的条款并向下滚动到最底部。
    3. Enable Auto Capture功能选择Yes,如下所示:

  • 然后,导航到“设置” >“ 关系洞察”
  • 您可以选择相同并同意所示的条款:

  • 达成协议后,您将看到如下所示的三个选项卡:

    1. 确保已检查组织的“启用自动捕获”。如果没有,请检查并保存。
  • 现在已为您的组织启用了自动捕获功能。


  1. 每次打开记录的“活动”部分时,都会向Microsoft Exchange帐户查询自动捕获消息。
  2. 启用此功能后,您可以导航到不同的记录,如帐户,联系人等,并在“活动”下查看与您正在查看的记录相关的某些电子邮件已被轮询并标有虚线边框:

  • 此电子邮件仅可见,尚未跟踪到Dynamics 365中。只有在您选择时才会跟踪该电子邮件。
  • 您可以通过将鼠标悬停在“活动”中的电子邮件中来跟踪Dynamics 365中的此电子邮件,您将看到如下所示的TRACK链接:

  • 单击轨道后,电子邮件将排队等候以获取Dynamics 365。

  • 成功跟踪电子邮件后,它将显示为活动下表单上显示的常用活动项目:

  • 然后,此动态电子邮件也可以在Dynamics 365中的活动中看到。




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