Exam MB2-716 Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration

Exam MB2-716
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration
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Skills measured
This exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below. The percentages indicate the relative weight of each major topic area on the exam. The higher the percentage, the more questions you are likely to see on that content area on the exam. View video tutorials about the variety of question types on Microsoft exams.

Please note that the questions may test on, but will not be limited to, the topics described in the bulleted text.

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Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 (20% – 25%)
Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 settings
Configure auditing, document management, and collaboration; configure administration settings; perform data management tasks; perform user management; implement themes
Manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 security
Identify security roles, define permissions and privileges, configure access levels, configure security roles, assign security roles, implement multiple security roles, manage access, implement the standard security model and hierarchy security, configure business units, manage teams
Configure email services
Identify integration options, configure email server profiles and default organization email settings, enable server-side email synchronization, enable folder tracking, map exchange folders, set up and configure the CRM App for Outlook
Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with other Office 365 offerings
Select the appropriate Office 365 group integration, create and configure Office 365 groups, integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SharePoint, enable linking to OneNote files, set up and configure OneNote integration, configure OneDrive integration
Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 entities, entity relationships, and fields (20% – 25%)
Manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 entities
Manage entity ownership, manage entity properties, configure system entities, describe activity entities, configure entity ownership and entity properties, implement managed properties, configure custom entities and security roles, delete entities
Implement entity relationships
Define relationship types, create relationships, configure cascading rules, identify types of cascading behavior, work with hierarchical data, configure entity mapping, create connections and connection roles
Define and configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 fields
Identify field types, define field naming requirements, configure field properties and field display formats, implement option sets and two option fields, configure lookup fields and customer fields
Configure field customizations
Configure fields, configure field properties, use calculated fields, use rollup fields, configure global option sets, create alternate keys, configure field security and security roles, use status and status reasons, identify status reason transitions
Create and manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, forms, views, and visualizations (25% – 30%)
Create and manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions
Recommend usage patterns for Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, identify solution components, identify solution types, create managed and unmanaged solutions, configure publishers and versions, manage multiple solutions, import and export solutions
Customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 forms
Identify Microsoft Dynamics 365 form types, build a form, use specialized form components, implement access teams and subgrids, create editable grids, work with navigation, use multiple forms
Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 views and visualizations
Identify view types; create, modify, manage, and delete views; customize views; create system and personal charts; identify chart types that can be combined; use available series aggregation types; customize charts; import and export charts; create dashboards and dashboard components; customize dashboards; control access to dashboards
Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 for mobile devices
Deploy the mobile client, identify available entities for the mobile client, configure mobile navigation, design mobile form layout, create custom controls, hide mobile form content, create multiple forms, create mobile views and activity lists
Implement business rules, workflows, and business process flows (20% – 25%)
Implement and manage business rules
Determine when to use business rules; describe business rule scopes; identify actions that trigger business rules; configure business rules, conditions, and actions
Implement and manage workflows, dialogs, and custom actions
Implement workflows; identify workflow types; implement dialogs and custom actions; identify when to use business process flows, workflow dialogs, and custom actions
Implement and manage business process flows
Identify business flow components; enable business process flows; implement steps, stages, and categories; implement flows that use multiple entities; use conditional branching; implement role-driven business process flows; run workflows
Preparation options
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Self-paced training
Online learning through the Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP) is available to Microsoft Dynamics Partners who have purchased a training pack. If you haven’t purchased a training pack, sign in to PartnerSource and view the training pack details page. Find out how to gain access to the DLP site.

These DLP courses cover content for Exam MB2-716.

81059: Customization in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service

81060: Configuration in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service

These Digital Learning courses provide students with the tools to customize Dynamics 365 implementation for Sales and Service. The focus is on the using and understanding how the platform tools that are provided can be leveraged to create custom objects, modify the user interface, create and maintain an organizational security structure, create guided business processes, automate tasks, and other specific customizations.

Customers on a service plan can access online learning from CustomerSource. Please contact mlxsupp@microsoft.com if you have questions.

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Who should take this exam?
Individuals wishing to obtain a certification on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration should take this exam. The audience typically includes developers, implementation consultants, technical support personnel, and system administrators. They assess a customer’s business needs and configure and customize the application.

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Preparing for an exam
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Microsoft Dynamics 365自定义和配置
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此考试衡量您完成下列技术任务的能力。百分比表示考试中每个主要主题区域的相对权重。百分比越高,您在考试内容区域可能会看到的问题就越多。查看有关Microsoft考试中各种问题类型的视频教程 。



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配置Microsoft Dynamics 365(20% – 25%)
配置Microsoft Dynamics 365设置
配置审计,文档管理和协作; 配置管理设置; 执行数据管理任务; 执行用户管理; 实施主题
管理Microsoft Dynamics 365安全性
识别集成选项,配置电子邮件服务器配置文件和默认组织电子邮件设置,启用服务器端电子邮件同步,启用文件夹跟踪,映射交换文件夹,设置和配置CRM App for Outlook
将Microsoft Dynamics 365与其他Office 365产品集成
选择适当的Office 365组集成,创建和配置Office 365组,集成Microsoft Dynamics 365和SharePoint,启用链接到OneNote文件,设置和配置OneNote集成,配置OneDrive集成
实施Microsoft Dynamics 365实体,实体关系和字段(20% – 25%)
管理Microsoft Dynamics 365实体
定义和配置Microsoft Dynamics 365字段
创建和管理Microsoft Dynamics 365解决方案,表单,视图和可视化(25% – 30%)
创建和管理Microsoft Dynamics 365解决方案
推荐Microsoft Dynamics 365解决方案的使用模式,识别解决方案组件,识别解决方案类型,创建托管和非托管解决方案,配置发布者和版本,管理多个解决方案,导入和导出解决方案
自定义Microsoft Dynamics 365表单
识别Microsoft Dynamics 365表单类型,构建表单,使用专用表单组件,实现访问团队和子网格,创建可编辑网格,使用导航,使用多个表单
实施Microsoft Dynamics 365视图和可视化
识别视图类型; 创建,修改,管理和删除视图; 自定义视图; 创建系统和个人图表; 识别可以组合的图表类型; 使用可用的系列聚合类型; 定制图表; 进出口图表; 创建仪表板和仪表板组件; 自定义仪表板; 控制对仪表板的访问
为移动设备配置Microsoft Dynamics 365
实施业务规则,工作流和业务流程(20% – 25%)
确定何时使用业务规则; 描述业务规则范围; 识别触发业务规则的操作; 配置业务规则,条件和操作
实施工作流程; 识别工作流类型; 实现对话框和自定义操作; 确定何时使用业务流程流,工作流对话框和自定义操作
确定业务流程组件; 启用业务流程; 实施步骤,阶段和类别; 实现使用多个实体的流程; 使用条件分支; 实施角色驱动的业务流程; 运行工作流程

购买培训包的Microsoft Dynamics合作伙伴可以通过Microsoft Dynamics学习门户(DLP)进行在线学习。如果您尚未购买培训包,请登录 PartnerSource并查看培训包详细信息页面。了解如何 访问DLP站点。


81059:Microsoft Dynamics 365中的自定义销售和客户服务

81060:Microsoft Dynamics 365中的销售和客户服务配置

这些数字学习课程为学生提供了定制Dynamics 365销售和服务实施的工具。重点是使用和理解如何利用所提供的平台工具来创建自定义对象,修改用户界面,创建和维护组织安全结构,创建指导业务流程,自动执行任务以及其他特定自定义。

服务计划的客户可以访问CustomerSource的在线学习 。如果您有任何疑问,请联系mlxsupp@microsoft.com。

Microsoft Dynamics CRM团队博客

希望获得Microsoft Dynamics 365自定义和配置认证的个人应参加此考试。受众通常包括开发人员,实施顾问,技术支持人员和系统管理员。他们评估客户的业务需求并配置和定制应用程序。




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