Automation report and validating

Automation report and validating

Automation is making a splash in industries around the world. Software is never a single application in modem world. Business processes requires to be automated, the processes of each application that the business rely on were required to use business rules to automate process activities.

Blue Prism is used in my client company to automate the process. Bosses require dynamic reports to evaluate the performance of the RPA. The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) produces tons of data on back-end.

  1. Transforming data into data warehouse.

The data is spread in different databases. We use OPENQUERY to grab the aggregated data from linked database server into SQL Server data warehouse.

  2. Key data fields

LOB, Process Name, Loaded date, Complete data

All job with exception or overnight processes are deemed as completed at the same day as loaded date.

  3. Reports:

day report, week report, month report, year report

  4. Filters

LOB, Process name, Start date/month/year, End date/month/year

Report Filter

  5. Validating reports

to validate report result, need to directly query from the source data. OpenQuery statement is quiet straight forward, and the results has already been validated. Query from the local data warehouse to get the result and validate the report result against it.

validate report - monthly


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