Viewing old web pages

With web page history we can see how the page involved over time. If we found issues on current version web page, we still can compare to the previous version of the page and fix it easily.

On google search we can get google cached pages. Just click on the little green down arrow, then cached.


Tool: https://cachedview.com/

Viewing old web pages

We can get google cached pages, or archive.org cached pages.


Tool: http://www.cachedpages.com/

Viewing old web pages

Google cached only get the latest version page before current one. Archive.org provides more versions of pages. Note that it is not cached very day!

Viewing old web pages

For example, articles that reference wechat images may encountered this situation all the sudden:


Search the archieved page would give you idea how to fix it. Google the article title and look at the images.


You could download the old images and upload it again to fix the issue.

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